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23 - 25 November 2020

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W3C stands for World Wide Web Consortium. It is a voluntary web standards alliance/consortium that brings together companies and communities to help build productive discussions on existing and emerging technologies and to provide a patent-free (proprietary) forum for web recommendations
The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) chapter is located in Kuwait. It includes countries in the Gulf region, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. The main objective of the chapter is to promote facilitate the process of joining W3C as official members from numerous organizations, including government and private sectors, in addition to NGOs. The chapter also plays an important role in the region by providing awareness-raising sessions/workshops and conferences/forums for community and professionals who embrace W3C goals and focus on Web standards. The chapter is considered to be a significant connection between the headquarters of the W3C and the GCC region.   


About the Seminars & Workshops

W3C workshops and seminars are an important part of the calendar as they are organized to promote early participation (from members and the public) in the development of W3C events. The workshops are typically meant to bring    together specialists, experts and other interested parties to exchange ideas on technologies or technological policy, or to address concerns and opinions of interest to W3C members in the form of awareness lectures or panel discussions.

Seminars & Workshops 


one of the workshops entitled (Guidance in Accessibility to Web Content & corresponding standards in W3C ) is to ensure the implementation of adaptive web technologies. 


The importance of this topic helps in maintaining a balanced, advanced and proactive level of information security.


Artificial intelligence is one of the core components of smart cities. As this technology is projected to make a political and economic transformation. 


The development of web technology has increased the collection, processing and dissemination of personal data.


The aim of these standards is to ensure that the text layout and needs relevant to text and language typing around the world are embedded in technologies such as HTML, CSS, SVG, etc. 


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